Crop Protection Products and Fertilizers

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Crop Protection Products and Fertilizers

It should be recognized that only high quality seeds in combination with original plant protection products and fertilizers (of course, a cultivation technology should be fulfilled) provides sustainably high yields. It is very important to select properly protection products and fertilizers in order to avoid negative impacts and crop losses. Our experienced staff is always ready to advise you on products and technologies required.

We offer a whole range of crop protection products that fall into following classifications: disinfectants, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, desiccants, fumigants, rodenticides, fertilizers, growth stimulants, growth regulators, surfactants.

Striving for maintaining a high quality standards we cooperating with such world-known brands as BASF, MONSANTO, SYNGENTA, BAYER, CHEMINOVA, CEMTURA, DU PONT, NUFARM and others. Which can guarantee quality products at a reasonable price.

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