Seeds of soybean

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To meet year-by-year rising demands for soybeans, we decided to extent our product range by adding soybean seeds to our offers.

Soybeans are a globally important crop, providing oil and protein. The bulk of the harvest is solvent-extracted with hexane, and the “toasted” defatted soymeal then makes possible the raising of farm animals on an industrial scale never before seen in human history. A very small proportion of the crop is consumed directly by humans. Soybean products do, however, appear in a large variety of processed foods.

We have studied well enough fertile Ukrainian soil and climate in Ukraine , so from year to year tried to select the most optimal soybean seeds for all farms. Having examined different selections, our specialist came up with the list of soybean varieties showing the overall high results, the list changes and improves year-by-year. So far Mercur, Galina, Fortuna and Favorite are found to have higher yield potential and good resistance to climate changes and diseases. Growers appreciate the consistent top performance of soybean varieties we offer.

If you want to buy soybean seeds – please do not hesitate to contact us at any convenient means.

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