Legal services



As a result of a strive for a constant development and improvement a separate Legal Department was organized within the company. It supports activities of the company itself, provides consultancy services for partners and also work for external environment.

Our experts provide legal services in Kharkov and all over Ukraine for private and corporate entities in different areas of law. You can get legal advice on various issues of Ukrainian law:

  • civil law (the conclusion , performance, modification and termination of contracts , ensuring compliance with the obligations of the transaction , ownership , etc.);
  • labor law ( hiring and dismissal , the reasons for terminating an employment contract , reinstatement, wages , etc.);
  • land law ( delineation of land privatization , lease transactions with land plots , etc.);
  • housing law ( eviction and the universe, recognition of the rights to housing , shared construction , mortgage, etc. );
  • family law ( marriage contract drafting , divorce , property division , alimony obligations , etc.);
  • inheritance law ( inheritance of property , inheritance acquisition , renunciation of inheritance , etc.);
  • copyrights ( objects of copyright and related rights , the protection of authorship , etc.);
  • other legal issues.

In addition to providing quality legal services, we strive to build strong and long-term relationship with our partners. We are committed to the final result, that is why we ready to provide support to our customers and find a way to solve their problems.

Legal services can be provided in any form and by any means.

If you have any questions regarding a procedure and conditions for obtaining legal services from our expert please do not hesitate to contact us.

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