Another major field crop we are trading is wheat. Wheat has been a staple of human’s diet for thousands of years, wheat is one of the most important foods we can grow. In addition, it is considered to be an easy crop to grow because it does not require much maintenance while providing much reward.

Having studied Ukrainian climate conditions and soils and having tried different selections, our specialist came up with the list of wheat varieties showing the overall high results, it includes: Duke, Verden, Brion and Toulouse. They differ mostly physical characteristics and maturity period in order to ensure high yields in various climate conditions and soil fertility.

Our experienced specialists are there to help to choose hybrids with the characteristics matching every client’s requirements. Centrum-LTD is committed to ensure the seeds of a best quality and reasonable price, timely delivery and a whole range of additional services in order to assure high yields.

If you want to buy wheat seeds – please do not hesitate to contact us at any convenient means .

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