Agronomist’s Consultations

Консультация Агронома

If you have any questions regarding the selection of hybrids, their characteristics, cultivation technology, as well as questions about plant protection products and fertilizers, you can get free advice from our expert:
+ 38 067 577 50 94 – Alexander .

If the question you have is more general or organizational we suggest you to contact one of our regional representatives (Choose your region and get the appropriate contacts here).

In case of a more specific agronomy question like those below, we suggest you to contact our agronomist:

  • what hybrids have the highest potential yield for your particular location?
  • how to choose appropriate plant protection products/ fertilizers?
  • when is the best time for soil cultivation?
  • how to maximize yield of planted seeds?
  • when harvesting should be initiated?
  • and many other question.

We hope that the consultancy cervices we offer will help you to take right steps in planning your farming activities. Agriculture is quite challenging activity to perform, but if properly conducted it is becoming a very rewarding as well!

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